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John was working as a safety manager on a large multimillion-dollar highway, which had several bridge expansions. When the carpenter tool storage and supplies were being off loaded, he noticed the old wood stanchion. After the carpenter foreman inspected the pre-used stanchions, he came to the conclusion that new ones had to be re-built. This took several hours of work for the foreman’s crew and cost more money for additional materials.


That’s when John had his light-bulb moment – there had to be a better solution to this waste of wood, man-hours, and money. He began to come up with ideas to invent a stanchion that would be easy to install and would last from job to job without needing any maintenance. After several ideas came to mind, John made some sketches, bought some steel and a welder, and started to fabricate his idea.


John worked endless hours in the garage bringing his idea to live. His wife would come out bringing him snacks and water, not quite sure what he was up to, but wishing him luck each time.


Keep in mind that John had never welded before so what he created wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. So he had a professional engineer create drawings and had a certified welder build the real thing. The first stanchion. The first bEZiup stanchion.


John received a patent for his invention, and made sure it met OSHA safety requirements – being a safety expert and all. He decided to name it bEZiup knowing that it was easy (EX) to put up. So simple and he and his wife were so proud!


Fast forward to today – John has fabricated hundreds of stanchions that have been used on several construction projects. Stanchions are available in a variety of vibrant colors mainly because, if you know John, that’s just who John is – vibrant, warm-hearted and fun!


And that’s the birth of the smart stanchion. bEZiup Stanchions.

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