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What is the

bEZiup Stanchion?

BEZiup is a stanchion known for how easy (EZ) it is to put up, hence the name. This high-tech stanchion out-smarts and out-lasts its competitors. Made of one piece of metal and equipped with spring-loaded holders, the bEZiup is durable, light-weight, time efficient, and built to last a lifetime. No more wasting wood, labor, time, and money for temporary stanchions. 

How is it different from wood stanchions?

Most stanchions are constructed out of several pieces of wood, which usually lasts no more than one project. The bEZiup is made from light-weight metal and equipped spring loaded holders that make it easy to set up and last a lifetime. The bEZiup Stanchion is also eco-friendly and meets OSHA standards.

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